Why are the Dust Collectors in CNC Important?

Why are the Dust Collectors Important?

Dust collectors from Cancam.ca have been designed for a single purpose. This is to ensure that your workshop remains clean and always free from traces of sawdust. The best dust collector is expected to have a powerful motor and a strong flow of air.
If you have a woodworking shop, you probably know how significant it is to make an initial investment in top of the line equipment. This means that it will not be logical if you don’t have a good dust collector system put in place for keeping your employees protected, not to mention that it is also a great way to keep the machines from deteriorating that will and can prematurely break down because of getting clogged by sawdust.

Ensure Worker Safety with Dust Collectors

Wood dust can be inhaled by workers and this can lead to the likelihood of suffering from numerous respiratory problems. Asthma and allergies are also common among those who get exposed to sawdust on a daily basis. Potential skin rashes and irritation of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat are also common. Even though it is rare, dust coming from wood has been associated to the development of nasal cancer.
Woodworkers know that the use of power tools can lead to the formation of significant amount of sawdust. Dust collectors can be stationary, portable, industrial or small in size. Cancam.ca carries a selection of dust collectors to ensure that you will find the specific type that will suit your workshop and your needs.
While it may seem like a good alternative to use a dust pan and broom for cleaning wood waste or small particles, the truth is that it only brings more sawdust further into the air.
There are also woodworkers who believe that most vacuum cleaners of commercial style can adequately control dust resulting from wood cutting. Sadly, their filtration systems don’t get to trap all micro-wood particles which can then cause respiratory issues and allergies.
Failure to invest in quality dust collectors will be more expensive since small chips of wood and dust will not just slow production due to reduced number of staff because of illness and constant need to maintain the machine, but also because the health risks will make insurance rates higher.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Dust Collectors

Of course, your financial budget will be your top consideration as well as the noise level and location of machinery. Choosing the size of the system or unit is important as well since you wouldn’t want to invest in systems that are insufficient for the workplace. You have to calculate requirements of air volume for every machine in the shop and choose the kind of hookup like flexible hose, metal duct, or PVC pipe.
Knowing the specific kind of articles which must be removed from the atmosphere is important as well since finer dust particles require a filtration system more than bigger wood chips. Meanwhile, wood chips require a bigger storage area in a unit compared to what sawdust needs.
Choose the best dust collectors from Cancam.ca to enjoy more benefits.

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